Partner Program

JetLease Capital Business Partner Program

Financing New and Used Aircraft


Take the guesswork out of your finance transactions. When you become a Partner, you and your customers have access to a full-service Finance Department, the most comprehensive aviation lending network in the world and multiple leasing products designed to meet your customer’s needs.

JetLease Capital Partner Program compensates its Partners for helping their customers get the best rates and terms on aviation loans and leases.

Why a Partner Program?

Multi-billion dollar corporations like AT&T, Verizon, First Data, and Hewlett-Packard all have robust Business Partner Programs. Why? These companies know their Partners have a trusted relationship with customers. Customers seek the counsel of trusted professionals before making decisions on products and services. Successful Partner Programs succeed because of their Partners.

Characteristics of Successful Business Partners include:

  • Established Professional in their field
  • Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with customers
  • Customers view these individuals as honest, ethical and trustworthy
  • Professional ethics dictate that all interactions and recommendations benefit the customer first. Never do anything that would jeopardize the relationship with the customer.

If you possess these characteristics, JetLease Capital wants to partner with you!

New Aircraft Loan

Whether your customer is a first-time buyer or has owned several aircraft in the past, purchasing a new aircraft comes with unique challenges.

Comprehensive Suite of Lease Products

Our Partners receive monthly compensation on all leasing products.

Used Aircraft Loan

Two recent factors have further complicated the used aircraft lending market: Faster than historic average depreciation and near record inventories of used aircraft for sale.

Leases Designed for Lessee

Many customers prefer a low monthly payment to a large investment in a depreciating asset. Cash flow is important to many customers.

Refinance Loan

There are several reasons aircraft owners refinance their aircraft. Most loans in the past were structured with a balloon payment due at 5 or 7 years from the date of origination.

Leases Designed for Lessor

The auto industry’s proven strategy of advertising a low monthly lease to draw in more buyers is now available to owners trying to sell their aircraft.

How The Process Works

  1. The Partner determines the customer has need of the JetLease Capital full-service Finance Department for either a loan or lease.
  2. The Partner explains the customer is far more likely to get better rates and terms from an extensive network of aviation lenders.
  3. The Partner assures the customer is not at risk using JetLease Capital services, and educates them on the steps JetLease Capital will take to work for them.
  4. Refers the customer loan or lease via the JetLease Capital Partner Program referral website portal.
  5. JetLease Capital contacts the customer and goes to work finding the best loan or lease option available to the customer.
  6. JetLease Capital does what it was designed to do: Bring together a deal that is acceptable to all parties. Keeping the customer and their agents informed on every step of the process is the key to successful transactions.

Result? The customer is pleased with the loan or lease and closes on the transaction. After closing, all earned bonus payments are distributed, including to our Partners.


Financing of new and used aircraft is complex. Many factors determine approval, rates and terms. The largest lender in the industry [GE Capital] and several other lenders have pulled out of the market. Many times, the approval of the buyer, the financing rates and terms are the determining factors in whether an aircraft sells or not. JetLease Capital is a direct lender and broker, with a 100 Plus Network of Lenders aggressively lending into the aviation market. It is the mission of JetLease Capital to assess each buyer and the potential aviation transaction, then match that buyer with the ideal lender. The ideal lender is the lender that will approve the loan with the most favorable rates and terms. JetLease Capital is certain it can find the ideal lender in its network for almost every transaction.

Watch the video to learn about just one of the leasing products available to our Partners.

Putting customers’ needs first is in our DNA and we want it to be in our Partners DNA. It is good business and the best way to grow our business and the businesses of our Partners. If putting your customers’ needs first is in your DNA, let JetLease Capital help you grow your business. Your customers will love knowing, they are getting the best rates and terms available on their aircraft loan. Let JetLease Capital be the [Go To] finance source for your aviation transactions. Become a Partner today.

Your customers will love knowing, they are getting the best rates and terms available on their aircraft loan or lease.